Jess Ray Yoga

Movement. Music. Meaning.




Upon completing her 200 hour training at YogaWorks Back Bay (formally Back Bay Yoga Studio) Jess taught in Boston for almost 5 years before moving to New York City. Jess'  motivation to teach yoga comes from her personal journey on the mat. A place that is physically challenging, mentally clearing, and filled with humor. She is passionate about helping people find self confidence by challenging them on the mat. Inspired by her background in high intensity movement as a gymnast, she guides students through a dynamic sequence designed to build strength and flexibility. Jess’ background provides her with a unique understanding of the body that allows for intuitive, concise cueing. Her classes vary weekly but the style is always a creative, fluid, soulful flow with opportunities to try inversions and arm balance. 

"Music amplifies the experience of the yoga practice and as a teacher I strive to create an experience for students through what I say, the movement I teach and the music that is played. For me YOGA is an experience and a way of life."

Jess blends music and movement to create a unique experience in her yoga classes. Innovative sequencing matched with vibrant music allow your practice to flow seamlessly. The experience simultaneously enhances your practice by invigorating, yet relaxing your body and mind. Jess has always loved moving her body to music , the music evokes a feeling from within and that inspires the movement.  

Jess is a 500 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor though Laughing Lotus Yoga Center, and is grateful to be inspired by her teachers Raghunath Cappo, Dana Trixie Flynn, Schuyler Grant and Lynne Begier. Jess is currently teaching in New York at Laughing Lotus, Yoga Vida, Yogaworks, Equinox  and BYOGA Montauk.