Jess Ray Yoga

Movement. Music. Meaning.

"Music enhances yoga. It elevates and amplifies it. Music has extraordinary effects on the mind, by Combining yoga and music the experience deepens. The playlists blend seamlessly and inspire the rhythm and energy of the physical movement. "

Tapping into the energy of the phoenix rising, realizing that each part of our lives requires a different part of us and we must embrace the transformation. This music inspired movement towards eagle side plank and eagle legs in handstand. #manipura #phoenixrising


To evolve and grow we must embrance change, and change takes courage. The music inspired us to work to embrace change and honor it's beauty. The sequence was inspired by our connection to the 3rd chakra and our ability to stay focused and commited working toward side crow to headstand. #manipura


To create space we must let go, this gives us the power to become who we are meant to be and recieve what we need. To let go we need determination and hard work. The sequence lead us to figure four crow with a twist! #fire #water #letgo #manipura


We were all born with potential and greatness and this practice allows us the opportunity to be reminded of our potential to use our wings and FLY. The music inspired movement that lead to headstand and forearm stand variations. The practice builds our TRUST in our ability to FLY. #trust #anahata #fly #inpiregreatness