Jess Ray Yoga

Movement. Music. Meaning.

"Music enhances yoga. It elevates and amplifies it. Music has extraordinary effects on the mind, by Combining yoga and music the experience deepens. The playlists blend seamlessly and inspire the rhythm and energy of the physical movement. "

Practicing devotion to connection and community, the first thing that connects us is our beating heart, The first sound we ever hear. As we expand our heart space by opening the shoulders and chest we work towards deep wheel variations. #anahata #devotion #connection #community


Opening up our feet and legs to connecting to Ganesha the ruler of our 1st chakra we allow ourselves to feel more stable and safe to face the obsticles in our path. The music inspired us to work towards crow and tittibasana.

Overcoming Obsticles

Tapping into our own personal Kapha Trees to connect to our deepest wishes, desires and dreams are we can devote all the energy we awaken in our practice to making our wishes come true. Working towards chin stand and scorpian varations. #anahata #anadakandra #devotion #dancewithlife


Using balance to get quiet and focused so we can hear our intuition allows us to be lead by our inner guide. The music inspired slowing down and moving with concentration, leading up to headstand to crow.